31% of stolen vehicles in Red Deer were idling unlocked or had keys in them: RCMP

RED DEER – RCMP respond to significant numbers of vehicle thefts that involve idling vehicles.  In Red Deer, the numbers for 2020 show that 31 per cent of stolen vehicles were either running with unlocked doors or had the keys in them.  

RCMP say for a crime to occur, there must be a person with the desire and ability to commit the crime, a person or property that is the target of the crime, and the opportunity to commit the crime.  

“The stolen vehicles in our community pose a significant risk to public safety in a variety of ways,” said Inspector Holly Glassford of the Red Deer RCMP. “Our goal is not to shame anyone, rather to just ask everyone to be smart, and do their part.”

The Red Deer RCMP is focusing on getting community members to remove the opportunity for culprits to commit the crime of stealing vehicles. Leaving a vehicle running unattended creates a situation that criminals find difficult to resist.

With the cold weather facing Alberta, early this morning, Red Deer RCMP members made timely, proactive patrols to communicate with the citizens who have idling vehicles.