Province’s restrictions too limiting to open Abbey Centre, says town

The town is slowly starting to reopen facilities while balancing preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Ken Morrison, Emergency Management and Protective Services Manager for the town updated council during their regular Zoom meeting March 9.

He said administration met and discussed the Abbey Centre and how the province’s Step 2 reopening impacts activities in the facility.  The Abbey Centre has been closed since November of 2020, as a result of the restrictions put in place at that time. Morrison said the current provincial restrictions are too limiting to open the Abbey Centre.

“It is expected that in Step 3, the restrictions will be lifted further, which may allow it to be opened,” said Morrison.

A decision was made to encourage healthy lifestyle options for members and guests, including low-intensity programming, such as yoga, to be held in the Community Centre.

“This space is suitable for constant supervision and current staff will be able to manage this effectively,” said Morrison.

Step 2 has allowed the library to open with certain protocols in place. It opened March 9, by appointment only for computer time, browsing the book collection and picking up items.

“Doors will remain locked and clients will be let in for their specific appointments,” said Morrison.

He added that administration is preparing for Step 3 in hopes further restrictions are lifted, allowing the opening of more activities. The province may move to step 3 at March 22 the earliest.

The town also has policies in place to mitigate the risk of infection within the workplace.

“These policies include, but are not limited to, regular cleaning practices, limiting gatherings of employees in common areas, and ensuring PPE is provided and worn by all staff.”